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About Lux.Vision - Strategic Vision Consulting for Business Leaders

What would your business & life look like - if you could take control?
Let me help you see your business in a whole different light.

Maximize the value of your busness and optimize growth.

Refine your sales process for a more consistent client experience.

Break away from your current platform & become an entrepreneur.

Build your legacy through succession planning.

Map out your strategic plan to turn vision into realtiy.

Identify your values to clarify your vision & inspire your growth.

Leverage planning strategies to manage short-term change.

Align your business and you brand to your core values.

Rewire your mind to better face challenges and lead effectively.

Gain greater control of your work/life balance.

Foster team productivity with discipline & goal setting.

Stratify your client offering to maximize productivity.

Helping financial advisors, entrepreneurs,
and business leaders evolve their vision and
build better alignment with their clients.


Contact me today for a quick chat about
how to visualize a better business, a better
client experience, and a better you!


Consultant for business organizations and individuals


Flexible structure - from private facilitator to public speaking


Coaching available in private, team, and group settings


Coaching available in private, team, and group settings

Unlock a mindset of
discipline & focus.

For nearly 25 years, Heather Picken has dedicated herself to working with entrepreneurs and organizations in the field of human behavior & performance. During that time, I have consulted with individuals from a wide range of professional backgrounds, helping them turn mindset to vision to action.

Combining my own entrepreneurial experience with the collective knowledge gained from countless professionals, Lux Analytics offers a unique relationshipdriven consulting experience. The Vision Method is designed to help organize your mind & clarify your vision - so you can execute a plan to run, grow, & protect your business.

Leveraging proven techniques to help prioritize your day, the Vision Method helps infuse discipline, focus, & productivity into your everyday business. Rewire your mind to help you face challenges with ease; find more time in your day & finally achieve the “lifestyle practice” you deserve.

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