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Invest a week in your future and get your business mojo back!


7-Day Vivid Vision Bootcamp

Don't Miss Out!

Why should you take this course with me?

Expect a Business Breakthrough!

For nearly 25 years, I've dedicated myself to empowering visionary entrepreneurs like you. If you find yourself at a crossroads, needing to pivot in your business, seeking clarity for your big picture, craving that lost mojo and inspiration, or aiming to attract higher-quality clients, look no further. My journey has led me to work with a diverse range of visionary leaders and entrepreneurs in different industries. I specialize in vision development which is the framework for everything in your business from the kinds of clients you attract to feeling inspired and making confident decisions about the direction you want to go. As an ambitious leader, you are here for it all and you value the process of evolving your vision as you evolve!

The 7-Day Vivid Vision Bootcamp is designed as your business compass, designed to bring order to the chaos of your thoughts and illuminate your vision. It's your roadmap to gain clarity for your business and get you laser-focused for 2024.

I've worked with successful CEOs, entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants who are driven by ambition but come up against some blocks when it comes to developing their vision. Whom have I worked with:

I've trained sales teams, Corporate consultants, Coaches, Financial Professionals, and CEOS.

Think of this Vivid Vision Bootcamp as your pathway of clarity to understand your fingerprint framework to attract higher quality clients, get unblocked, get into action mode, and revive or create new offerings that are aligned with you instead of a copy-and-paste template. I am so confident that the 7-Day Vivid Vision Bootcamp will be a game changer for your business that you will get the answers you seek and feel inspired by what you are doing.

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Unlock Wealth, Confidence, Clarity & Client Attraction:

"Think of Your VISION as Your North Star: It Leads You with More Focus, More Clarity, Higher Levels of Confidence, and Attracts The Right Clients.

Every Goal and Decision Feels Perfectly Aligned Because of Your
Crystal-Clear Vision!"

7-Day Vivid Vision Bootcamp Checklist


Give Yourself 7 Days

to Focus on Your Vision

and Watch the Magic Happen!


Experience Personalized Attention: Limited to Just 10 Participants. Receive inspiration and precise guidance for your business.

Clarity and Direction: A clear vision provides a roadmap, offering a concrete destination to strive for. When you're uncertain about your strategy, a vivid vision acts as a North Star, guiding your decisions.

Motivation and Inspiration: It rekindles motivation and inspiration. When you're stuck or doubting yourself, a compelling vision reminds you of the bigger purpose and fuels your drive to overcome obstacles.

Decision-Making: It simplifies decision-making. In moments of uncertainty, your vision serves as a reference point, helping you make choices that align with your long-term goals.

Focus and Productivity: A clear vision sharpens

your focus. It eliminates distractions and procrastination by keeping your attention fixed

on what truly matters.

Confidence Booster: It boosts confidence. When you have a well-defined vision, you gain confidence in your direction and abilities, which positively impacts your actions and decision-making.

Goal Setting: It facilitates effective goal setting. Your vision breaks down into actionable goals, providing a clear path forward and ensuring your efforts are purpose-driven.









7-Day Vivid Vision Bootcamp

Don't Miss Out!

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Bonus: 1 Hour Private Zoom Consultation

with Heather

While I typically don't offer one-off private sessions, I've created something special for those who enroll in the boot camp. Upon completing the full 7-day program, you'll have access to book a private coaching session that will be recorded on Zoom.

During this session, you can freely explore your questions or address any mental blocks you encounter. You'll leave our session feeling deeply inspired by your vision and equipped with a clear action plan for your next steps.




Imagine fast-forwarding to next year, reviewing your vision and goals,

and feeling a deep sense of accomplishment.

It all begins with a vivid vision, the anchor for your success.




Attract Aligned Clients Effortlessly with Your Powerful Vision

Charge Your True Value with Confidence and Conviction


Say Goodbye to Comparison and Embrace Your Unique Path

Stay Focused and Take Daily Action Towards Your Vision


Be Authentic, Stay True to Your Vision, and Watch Success Follow



6.  Sweet Success!

7-Day Vivid Vision Bootcamp

Don't Miss Out!

  • Is this program LIVE?
    Yes. Enrollment starts now and at the end of Day 7 you will have a private session with me (worth more than the entire investment) that will be recorded. There will also be an opportunity to ask me direct questions from the start date of your enrollment for 7 days.
  • When do I schedule the private consultation with you?
    You can schedule your private Vivid Vision session anytime after day 7 from when you started. The session will be conducted via Zoom and recorded for your convenience, and you'll receive a copy of it in your inbox."
  • Are there any refunds?
    All sales are non-refundable. If you have any inquiries or need assistance, please reach out to our support team at I have full confidence that this course when diligently followed, has the potential to bring a transformative impact to your business.
  • It seems your program starts on a Sunday; can I start later?
    The pre-work kicks off on a Sunday, meticulously crafted to sharpen your focus. It presents a unique discipline, guiding you in creating a framework so that you develop success habits in planning for each week. Should you choose to begin on any other day, just make sure you go through the program consecutively. Additionally, remember to secure your private Zoom session within the designated dates. I understand how easy it is to procrastinate, which is why setting a clear deadline empowers you to accomplish what you've committed to."

7-Day Vivid Vision Bootcamp

Unlock Your Potential as a Visionary Entrepreneur by Connecting with Your Future Self.

Live Your Truth
Love Your Life

You'll craft a vision that resonates with the depths of your being. Your vision is more than words; it's a sacred pact with your future self. It will guide your choices, fuel your actions, and anchor you in your purpose.

Ignite Your Vision, Get Your Mojo Back

Escape the grip of comparison. It can dim your radiance and hinder your business growth. I've seen too many trapped by this self-limiting habit. Embrace a Vivid Vision that shouts, 'I'm unique, and my work matters!

Break Through Money Plateaus

Whether you want to impact millions or work closely with high-level leaders and high-net-worth clients, a crystal-clear vision magnetizes your ideal client avatar. The key is being willing to go through the process of creating and embracing it.


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7-Day Vivid Vision Bootcamp


Don't Miss Out!

​​This is for you if...

You're ambitious but feel stuck.

You've lost your business mojo.

You're tired of wasting your time & money

You need a confidence boost!

You're looking for focus in 2024

You're a coach or consultant and need renewed clarity

If you've already invested in marketing programs but find yourself questioning how to truly step into your power while staying in perfect alignment with your business and brand, then this boot camp is tailored just for you. This isn't about generic, one-size-fits-all marketing strategies. It's a transformative journey that empowers you to tap into your intuition and unleash your inner genius. Get ready to craft a personalized roadmap for your next steps that's uniquely yours.

It happens even to the most seasoned entrepreneurs and accomplished business owners - that feeling of being stuck, lacking the same inspiration you once had. When your inner fire fades, your actions become uncertain, and you might even find yourself heading in the wrong direction. But here's the game-changer: The 7-Day Vivid Vision boot camp is designed to reignite that spark within you. It empowers you to dig deep and uncover what truly drives you. For some, it's an opportunity to pivot their business, while others discover untapped niches they never even considered before. Don't settle for stagnation; let me help you rediscover your passion and pave the path to your limitless potential!"

When you search for the cost of private coaching with Tony Robbins on Google, you'll find that he charges a staggering $1 million per year for one-on-one coaching, giving you just an hour per month. Now, consider this: this boot camp offers an exceptionally high-value proposition at a mere fraction of that cost. To maintain the utmost quality and individual attention, I limit the boot camp enrollment to just 10 participants. Not only does this ensure a personalized experience, but it also significantly reduces the risk for those considering further investment in our programs. If you find immense value in the boot camp, it's a stepping stone that can lead you to explore deeper levels of my programs with confidence.

You're undeniably talented in your field, yet there's a nagging inner dialogue that frequently surfaces. It sounds something like this: "Who will be willing to invest in what I offer? What sets me apart from others doing something similar? I'm hesitant about making a misstep in how I present myself. I'm not fully embracing my true value in what I charge, and I'm acutely aware that I'm deserving of more. I find myself continually comparing and mimicking what others are doing, thinking it's the only path to success."

By enrolling in the 7-Day Vivid Vision Bootcamp, you'll gain the incredible ability to craft a focused and inspiring vision for your business future. During these transformative seven days, you'll learn to turn that vision into tangible, bite-sized goals that propel you toward success in 2024 and beyond. This boot camp is your ticket to a future where clarity and purpose reign supreme, making your goals not just achievable, but undeniably within reach.

I've worked with corporate consultants, coaches, and service-based providers who need clarity with what they offer. In 7 Days this bootcamp will help you to get clarity with this. Plus, on the private session, you have the opportunity to dial things after the bootcamp is over. My private coaching is not cheap so this is the perfect session to dive into specifics

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